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Responsibly made

All jewellery is hand crafted exclusively using 100% recycled, eco or fair trade metal, meaning we have either reduced our carbon footprint, or know the miners and all associated with the sale of the metal, have been fairly treated and fairly paid - because no-one wants to be poorly treated! 

The packaging we use is either recycled or recyclable, so you can re-use or recycle the packaging (we'll encourage you to repurpose, so it has multiple uses). We take a 'green' approach within our workshop and office space; working predominantly online and no printers, saving paper for working on your hand drawn custom orders. We also recycle our metal, selling it back to be re-purposed into a new creation!

Everyone has their own definition of 'sustainable' and 'ethical' when it comes to jewellery, so we like to be super clear about our practices, and what we're doing. We are a very small, early stage business and we're doing what we can now, but we appreciate there is more we can be doing. If you'd like to get in touch, with suggestions or to understand more then click here to email Hannah. 


We source the majority of our stones from one of the largest gemstone dealers in Hatton Garden. We like to support the industry here in the UK and their collection is extensive, which suits our designs and ongoing needs.

We do however understand that sometimes you just have to know which mine your stone came from, and who mined it. Which we love! We are in contact with some ethical stone dealers, who are more than willing to help us choose the perfect stone for you. These stones will be at a higher price point and often take longer to track down, so please bear that in mind when choosing your stone. Get in touch with us today to design your special piece, or just to have a chat about some stones - we love to chat! 

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A bit of background from Hannah..

"As a child, I was always into everything and anything creative; one summer my sister Ellie and I made an entire papier-mâché village for our Winnie The Pooh happy meal toys. As a not-so-focused-in-school teenager, I left school with a few qualifications and no clue where to go next. After a few years building a career in hospitality - and a first love, teenage relationship break down - I decided to throw the towel in (pun intended) with hospitality and build a life for myself honing in on my true talents - as my father likes to call it - being 'arty-farty'.

Following a year studying at college to gain an Art Foundation degree, I studied Drawing and Applied Arts in Bristol, graduating with First Class Honors in 2016. Before the official graduation, I began working as an admin assistant for an online jewellery company based in Bath, and my jewellery-making journey began..

Since 2016, I've predominantly taught myself goldsmithing, completing a few part time courses, including studying at renowned The British Academy of Jewellery. Recently, I've set up a small, local jewellery workshop in my hometown of Wiltshire, surrounded by countryside which continuously informs my nature inspired, organic and tactile work.

Hannah Brown Jewellery was born after a couple of months of lockdown, here in sunny Wiltshire. After finding myself with more time on her hands due to not commuting, I finally had the time to develop my own designs and create some truly unique pieces, sparking an organic, tactile aesthetic and creating our signature look.

HBJ is an almost one-woman team; I has invaluable help from my sister/best friend/counsellor/person-she-can't-live-without, who is a gorgeous Mama to one year old identical twin girls, Ottilie Rae and India Silver. Together, we wish to create jewellery for you to treasure for generations, with total peace of mind". 

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