Terms & Conditions Bespoke

1.      Introduction

1.1.    These are the ‘Terms and Conditions’ on which Hannah Brown Jewellery (referred to in these terms as ‘I’ and ‘me’) will conduct business and supply goods and services to you.

1.2.    Please contact me using the email address contact@hannahbrownjewellery.co.uk. If I need to contact you, I will do so by using the details provided by you. 

1.3.    When I use the words ‘writing’ or ‘write’ in these terms, this includes emails as well as other forms of communication such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook.

1.4.   A “bespoke product” refers to any and all Hannah Brown Jewellery work that I have specifically created for you, based on your unique requirements and desires

2.     Contract

2.1.    These terms and conditions will be available on my website and sent across to you prior to work commencing.

2.2.    The contract between you and me will result in a finished article of jewellery, as per the agreed design and in line with these terms and conditions

2.3.    My acceptance of your order will not take place until a non-refundable deposit of 50% (or otherwise stated) is received in full, at which point a contract will come into existence between you and me and it will be deemed that you have accepted these terms and conditions.

3.      Your rights to end the contract

3.1.    The consumer right to cancel a contract under the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 do not apply to Bespoke Products. If for any reason you wish to cancel an order for a Bespoke Product you should contact me immediately. Please note that the 50% deposit (or amount otherwise agreed) is non-refundable. In some circumstances I may be able to cancel your order and charge a reduced price, but please be aware this will not be appropriate in all circumstances and you may still be charged the full price.

4.      My rights to end the contract

4.1.    I will inform you as soon as possible of any reason I cannot accept or proceed with your order

4.2.    If once the contract comes into existence, I am unable to contact you despite my reasonable efforts for a period of 21 working days, I may end the contract and paragraph 4.3 will apply.

4.3.    If I end the contract in the situations set out in paragraph 4.2 please note that the 50% deposit (or amount otherwise agreed) will be non-refundable and you may still be charged the full product price.

5.      Design and manufacture

5.1.    During the design phase, I will present you with drawings and notes relating to your bespoke product. I will not proceed with making your bespoke product until you have confirmed in writing that you are happy with the design and wish to proceed.

5.2.   All drawings and/or CAD renders will be completed to the best of my ability and accurately reflect the final piece. However, due to the one of a kind nature of handmade jewellery, there may be slight variations between the approved design and final product. This does not constitute as faults with the final product.

6.       Changes to design

6.1.    Within the quote issued to you, there are two rounds of revisions included. Anything in addition to this I would be more than happy to provide at an additional fee of £150.00 per revision.

6.2 Once final design has been agreed by you and work has begun, it may not be possible to change the design. Please contact me as soon as possible if you have any questions relating to this.

6.2.    Once manufacturing your piece has begun, should you wish to make changes, please be aware there may be incurred costs relating to this. Should there be additional charges, this may be required in full up front, or added to the remaining balance, due upon completion.

7.      Completion dates 

7.1.    As part of the bespoke product process, we will agree a completion date together before manufacturing. Bespoke jewellery is usually 10-12 weeks from approval of design.

7.2.    I will reasonably endeavour to meet our agreed completion date and I will inform you as soon as possible of any reason this may not be achievable.

8.      Collection and delivery

8.1.    Collection of your jewellery will be made by prior agreement only.

8.2.    Final payment is required before collection or during your collection appointment.

8.3.    If you require postage for your bespoke product, final payment is required beforehand.

8.4.    If you do not collect your bespoke product during our agreed collection time or make arrangements for me to post ahead to you, and despite my reasonable efforts to contact you to re-arrange collection or delivery, I may end the contract and paragraph 4.3 will still apply

9.      Price and payment

9.1.    Your invoice will state the estimated final price for your bespoke product. There may be additional charges if changes are made, in which you will be informed before final payment is due. By paying the 50% non-refundable deposit, you agree to the payment terms.

9.2.    All quotations are valid for a period of fourteen days.

9.3.    A non-refundable deposit of 50% (or otherwise stated) of the total invoice is required when placing your order and before commencement of any design and/or manufacturing.

9.4.    You are required to pay the remaining final amount before posting or collection, or during our arranged collection appointment, unless agreed otherwise. This includes any additional charges incurred due to any changes or additional materials required.

9.5.    Any payments for bespoke products must be made within 5 days of the invoice being issued to you, and should be done so via bank transfer or a payment link, if I send you one. Please note you may be responsible for any charges using credit cards.

9.6.    Once final payment is received, full ownership and responsibility is passed over to you from the time you collect it or it is delivered to you. You are responsible for any insurance from that point onwards.

10.   Returns and refunds

10.1.    Bespoke products are personalised and customised specifically for you and are therefore unsuitable for a return or refund, unless the product is damaged or faulty.

11.   Marketing and intellectual property

11.1.    Final payment of your bespoke product is for the finished product only. All intellectual property rights including your piece, designs, drawings, images shall remain owned by me.

11.2.   I have full rights to use any videos and/or imagery I have of your finished product, drawings and designs to use across my website and/or social media to promote and market my business.

11.3.    It is your responsibility to ensure you have ownership of any materials you have provided me to work with.

11.4.    This section (11) shall survive termination of the terms and conditions.

12.   Your personal information

12.1.    I will use the personal information you provide me with to:

12.1.1. to supply the product/s and any necessary paperwork;

12.1.2.  to contact you regarding similar products and/or services I provide, which you are able to unsubscribe from at any time.

13.   Sizing 

13.1.    Within 30 days of collection/delivery, you are entitled to 1 complimentary resize up to two sizes smaller or larger than the product was sold to you. After 30 days a cost will incur.

13.2.    If the design does not allow for resizing, or the size is outside of the allowed parameters detailed in 13.1, the ring may need remaking entirely. That cost will be paid by you.

14.   Client’s stones or jewellery 

14.1.    Whilst in my possession, great care and responsibility is taken with any stones or jewellery given to me by you. These items must be insured under your own insurance and the any risk to your item is accepted by you and I ultimately hold no responsibility for your items.

14.2.    For the re-using of gemstones, I will take great care when working with them. It is almost impossible to obtain the history of gemstones and verify how sound they are, so whilst I will take great care of them, I cannot beheld responsible for any breakages whilst it is in my possession. I will contact you as soon as possible if there is any damage or breakage to your gemstones, or if I feel the stones are not suitable for re-setting.

15.   Warranty 

15.1.    Bespoke products come with a 1 year warranty from date of collection/delivery. This warranty will cover and manufacturing defect but does not cover the loss or damage of diamonds or gemstones.

15.2.    The warranty does not cover any damage caused by wear and tear, loss or theft, accidental damage. The warranty will be void is any works are carried out on your bespoke product not conducted by Hannah Brown Jewellery.

16.   Excluding liability

16.1.    I shall not be under any liability of any kind, due to causes beyond the reasonable control of the Company or of the Companies suppliers, for non-performance in whole or in part of my obligations under the contract.

17.   Further information

17.1.    By proceeding with the commission, you confirm that you accept the terms and conditions and that you agree to comply with them. If you do not agree to these terms, I cannot proceed with your bespoke product. Please contact me if you have any questions and keep a copy of this for your record.

17.2.    Each of the paragraphs of these terms and conditions operates separately. If any court or relevant authority decides that any of them are unlawful, the remaining paragraphs will remain in full force and effect. 

17.3.    Please contact me as soon as possible regarding any questions or complaints.