Sizing guide


If you do not know your ring size, the best thing to do is head to a local jeweller and have them size up the finger you'd like your new jewellery for. This will be the most accurate way to obtain the correct size.

If that's not an option, grab a piece of string or ribbon and loop it around your finger and mark out where the end of the string touches itself again. Then measure this against a ruler and give it to us in millimetres. 

Alternatively, we can send you a plastic ring sizer for you to measure your finger at home and let us know. It is best to measure your finger at different points of the day, to provide the most accurate size. 

Rings should fit easily onto your finger, and not have to be forced. With that being said, the ring should not be too loose that it easily moves up and down your finger.


The length of chain you require is entirely up to you and how you want to style your new jewellery. We'd say 18 inches is the most popular length, with the pendant sitting just below your collar bone. Select 16 inches for a choker style necklace and 20 inches for a longer necklace. If you require a longer chain than 20 inches, please get in touch and we can create a custom chain for you upon request.